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The idea of winter overlays free for Photoshop might sound amazing but it was actually an article in the Photoshop community that has caught everyone off guard. There are thousands of photoshop designs that are sitting in the unutilized state and collecting dust, costing thousands of dollars. They are either not widely known or they’re too expensive. Many of the designers involved in creating these incredible images are now making their images accessible online to anyone interested. This is certainly a first and something that won’t be seen often.

There is no limit to using the default Christmas overlay in Photoshop when they are looking for winter light overlays. This isn’t a good option as it is very easy to alter the look of your photos, and the end result may not look as professional as you’d like. So, if you want to alter the look of your photos then why not try the photoshop elements for free? This could be the best thing you can do during winter season!

What are these winter overlays that you can get for free in photoshop? Well, the first one being provided is the Christmas Bokeh Photoshop Overlay. You will notice right away that this particular photoshop overlay is very colorful and has Christmas elements incorporated into it. When you move your mouse over the design you will notice it radiating a warm, warm color that gives this photoshop overlay a very realistic look and feel.

free snow overlays for lightroom Another winter photo overlay for Photoshop that are currently available is the Winter Cover Photoshop Overlay Pack. This winter photo overlay pack includes numerous items, just like the Christmas bokeh design. First, you’ll be able choose between the black and white or an all-white winter version of this design. Then, there are animated winter elements, too. Finally, the final product comes with many different color frames that you can use to customize the winter scene of your photo.

The Winter Cover Photoshop Overlay Pack also includes colored frames that can be used to create similar cozy and relaxing Christmas scenes you saw in the free winter photo overlays available in photoshop. Since it also includes animated objects, it’s very like the Christmas Bokeh overlay. However, this Christmas overlay also features different textures to give more authenticity to your picture.

The last free winter photo overlays that I have for you today is the Christmas Light Overlay. To create this type of overlay, all that you need is a plain gold background. To complete the look, add the border and a few beautiful green Christmas lights. You can make the textured-gold border stand out by adding text of your choice in the desired hue to the border of light overlays. The greatest thing about these Christmas light overlays is that they provide you with an easy-to apply, beautiful, and affordable way to decorate your photos to look like they’ve been taken in a winter wonderland.

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